Thursday, 26 May 2011


     Theses pictures are from my recent end of year show. AARRHhh, that's the second year gone and the third year just around the corner! Scary stuff :)

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Nights at the Circus

 This pen and watercolour depicts the Princess of Abyssinia who is in charge of the Tigers.

A carriage conveying Fevvers rushes through a deep Russian winter. Pen and watercolour.

Nights at the Circus

This is the same image done in two very different ways. The first was created using mainly ink and watercolour while the second is a woodcut. It is a depiction of Walser, a reporter who joins the troupe and from whose point of view the story is largly told. These images were heavily inspired by the Russian art at the turn of the century.  

Nights at the Circus

This is a pencil drawing of Colonel Kearney, leader of the troupe,  with his pet pig Cybil.

Nights at the Circus

In this picture Mignon sits forlornly in a bath tub just glimpsed through the half open door. The image is an etching using a method called aquatint.

In the circus ring, as the audience watches, the searing strains of music stirring the air, Mignon waltzes slowly with a tiger.

Fevvers takes to the air inside the Russian theatre, her wings unfurling as she ascends to the Gods.