Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Just a quick one.

What I mean by a "quick one" is that I will not be uploading near to 30 images all in one go as I did do in my last post :D hehehe! Instead I have just a couple of pencil drawings to offer up which were done as part of a competition for a concept design job....thing. Needless to say, I did not win :) but it was a nice excuse to draw without thinking about producing thumbnails before-hand and worrying about whether I had enough back-up work etc.. for a gentle evening or two.

The House of Bernarda Alba continued.......

Well, what can I say, I haven't uploaded in a very long time now and so consequently there is quite a backlog! Just so you know, it took me many hours to scan nearly 30 pages!.........ok, not many hours.....maybe, half of one but still, a long time :) Hopefully the work is worth it? I'll leave you to decide on that one.