Saturday, 30 June 2012

A little inspiration...

A week ago I was sent some beautiful photographs by someone who had seen my image of the dancing tiger (an etching I did last year to illustrate Angela Carter's Nights at the Circus) and been reminded of his daughter. I was so touched to receive such encouraging feed back about my work but mostly to be allowed a glimpse into such dear memories that, while I was reading Nights at the Circus and etching the girl and the tiger into their zink plate, I thought only existed in books. Let me pay tribute to these small but greatly inspiring moments by sharing a couple of the images sent to me and by saying thankyou for them.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Degree Show: Part 2

If I was proud of myself, and I was, then I was even more proud of my wonderful friends who I've seen go through a lot this year and still come out of the other side smiling! well done my loves! Here the few who I managed to catch in front of their work. Check out all their websites too! You can get links to their blogs on all of them as well.





My Degree Show

It has been a year of ups and....... it has been three years of ups and downs (I would like to think mainly ups) and the culmination of them all was the degree show. After weeks of hard work and sleepless nights with lists of important, and not so important, things that absolutely, on pain of death (perhaps overly dramatic?) must not be forgotten! it was lovely to get dressed up and gaze with a swell of pride on the rewards of such hard won progress. Here I am, with said feeling of pride, standing by my work. I look rather pleased with myself!