Saturday, 17 May 2014


You may have gathered from my last post that I went to Barcelona! It's been a dream of mine for....well, a very long time and so stepping outside the airport into the enveloping warmth and sunshine with a veiw of palm trees and the Pyrenees in the hazy-blue-purple distance was a little surreal. However ordering my first glass of freshly squeezed orange juice in barely formed Spanish on the pavement outside a little cafe brought me back down to earth. The rest was a blur of dusty streets, cerulean skys, mountain cable-cars, midnight tapas, Picasso and dancing in our apartment with the shutters flung wide. For me the most awesome moment was entering La Sagrada Familia; Gaudi's imaginarium. Seeing the completed inside was like realising that the universe, in theory, never ends (like, never, ever, ends!)'s just mind-blowing!!! I cannot attempt to describe it here because words won't do it, or my feelings, adequate justice so here are a few pictures.

Do you know the feeling when you experience something so incredible that every molecule of your being starts to buzz and your heart over-spills? That's something like what I felt as I soaked up the light and colours and scale and atmosphere. I nearly cried for the aching beauty of it.

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