Saturday, 5 May 2012

Printing with Lithography

I've been very excited and pleased to have spent the last couple of months (on and off) in the print room while learning, and experimenting with, lithography. I started by using stone Litho which is a very long process and complicated. Then I found out about plate litho........basically, while stone litho requires you to grind down the surface of a very heavy (for anyone of average strength) and large stone and then to  transfer your image, cover it with weak acid, then in stronger and again stronger acid until you start printing, plate litho allows you to draw directly onto the plate (it's a bit like paper) with pretty much any materiel you like, bond it with heat and then you're ready to print! a LOT quicker! I've enjoyed the process and bellow follows the results (well, some of them, the actual printing is so quick for both processes that I've ended up with hundreds of prints).

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