Saturday, 24 November 2012

Work in Progress

It's getting cold, wet and dark outside and although it doesn't always create the perfect ambience for feeling inspired (unless hibernating can be classed as a truly inspired idea) it is never the less the perfect time for getting inventive with the art materials. After all, as a friend of mine rightly pointed out the other day, you couldn't be doing anything outside anyway so you might as well have some fun. Now, a couple of months ago I wrote about The Sketchbook Project and what a fantastic initiative it is. Well, it still is and I'm taking part (it's too late to sign up this year but keep an eye out for it next time if you fancy getting creative!). I haven't posted anything up recently because everything I'm doing at the moment is still at the very early stages of work in progress. However, I thought I'd post a little peek at the beginning of my sketchbook taking shape, not least of all because it proves I have been getting creatively productive during these dismal winter months! Honest!

And to show me being creatively productive......although perhaps not at the time of taking the photos!


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