Monday, 2 July 2012

An etching to finish.

I am sitting here on a quite honestly horrendous July afternoon with rain speckling my window and contemplating life after uni (it really has finished now, I took my degree show work down on Saturday). I have four rolls of film sitting on my desk that I can't afford to get developed and I have more money in my purse then I do in my bank account. The outlook is bleak. However, while I hang in this state of limbo, pulled between going home and working part time at my local farm shop and hopefully making enough money to go travelling or staying in Plymouth to find a job and staying closer to friends and perhaps more motivation to continue drawing, I have the time to share pictures of the very last ever etching I was able to make in the university print room just before the degree show. The image comes from the last scene of a comic I drew last term as part of the 24 hour comic event I took part in. Did I put up pictures from that? I can't remember! Well, it's only a very small etching, ideal for a book mark or something. 

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