Saturday, 7 July 2012

Wish list...

Does anyone else use the "Wish list" button on Amazon? I couldn't quite figure it out for a while; all the books I really wanted to buy were so cheap on Amazon that I didn't need to add it to a wish list, I could get it then and there. But then I became a student and also started coming across really lovely books that definitely couldn't cost 1p. Weeds and Wild Flowers by Alice Oswald and Jessica Greenman was the first one I put aside to remind myself that when I had enough money that should be one of the first things I did with it. The next one on my wish list is this one:

In fact, for anyone who loves books, and particularly well made ones like those beautiful clothbound classics that Penguin started publishing a couple of years ago, or just one-of-a-kind artist books, then you should take a look at  Purgatory Pie Press which was set up by the author Esther K. Smith and her husband Dikko Faust. This book, How to Make Books, does exactly what it says on the label but what's really good is that all the techniques are super easy to do at the kitchen table. It made it onto my wish list by virtue of that fact. I love book binding (I did an A level in it and it was sooooooo FUN!) but now that I'm moving back home where there will be little to no space to spread book binding paraphernalia, it seems imperative that I look for ways to keep up my artwork with limited fuss. How to Make Books is exactly the kind of inspiration I need :).

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