Monday, 2 July 2012

I own this book!

I was given it as a birthday present by the marvellous Rachel Rawlings (please have a look at her blog, she's been drawing some really beautiful decorative animals lately). She read my mind because I saw it last year in Waterstones and fell instantly in love with it. The book combines two of the most excellent things created since.....well, not sliced bread because I dislike that but since toast! Namely, etching and poetry. The poetry, written by Alice Oswald, captures the human quality of weeds and wild flowers while the etchings, by the artist Jessica Greenman, that intertwine with the prose throughout the book are delicate and exquisitely observed. 

If you have the time to pour over this beautiful book then I really recommend getting yourself a copy. I think I finally understand what good line quality looks like ;) 

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